SAMSUNG GALAXY M40 Finest Accessories & Covers

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Samsung Galaxy M40 is the latest smartphone currently available in the market. It is being priced at an affordable rate of Rs. 19,990. We all are well acquainted with the brand Samsung that requires no introduction. It is one of the most prominent smartphone manufacturers among other brands like Xiaomi, Apple, Nokia and Sony. In the recent time, Samsung has introduced the launch of many smartphones which left the users awestruck because of the outstanding features and specifications in the phone in line with the latest technology for which we look forward to. Recently, the South Korean brand Samsung has launched its series of new smartphones like new series like all new M-series this year along with Galaxy M10, Galaxy M30, Galaxy M20 and Galaxy M40.

Samsung Galaxy M40 hand-picked accessories & covers

The smartphone has many unique features like Qualcomm Snapdragon processor and chipset. Like before, this time also the company hasn’t compromised with look and style of the newly launched phone as the new Samsung Galaxy M40 looks quite stylish with the gradient finish polycarbonate body. With the launch of the new smartphone users must be looking for some stylish accessories to protect their phone like stylish mobile covers, earphones, fast superchargers, cases etc. Below we have listed some of the best accessories to protect your smartphone from getting damaged if it drops or falls. Have a look at some of the hand-picked accessories for the latest Samsung Galaxy M40 smartphone.

Cases & Covers

The new Galaxy smartphone is similar to any other glossy smartphones introduced earlier. So, it easily catches the fingerprints and smudges on the phone while using them. Therefore, it is very imperative to protect your phone with the stylish cases and covers of your choice which are available in multiple colours like blue, black pink etc. If you want to keep it simple and want to show off your phone, then, in that case, you might use transparent cases so that you can show up the aesthetics of your device while using them and protecting them at the same time.

Tempered Glass & Screen Protectors

The all-new smartphone has a 6.3-inch infinity-O display on the front with full HD plus resolution. The phone also has Gorilla Glass 3 protection which helps make the phone safer and protected. If you want to keep your phone safe, then it is advisable to use a good quality screen protector to safeguard your phone against any scratches.

Quick Charging Power banks

Though there are many options available in the market as of now, they are not as good as it seems, meaning they do not support the purpose for which they are purchased and i.e. fast charging support. If you are looking for a branded and cheap power bank that also supports fast charging, then the Xiaomi’s 10,000mAh Mi Power bank 2i is one of the best options among the rest. On the other hand, Duracell’s 3,350mAh Power bank is also an alternative which one can opt for if you are looking for a compact size power bank.

USB Type-C Cables

Similar to Samsung Galaxy M30, the new Galaxy M40 also features a USB-Type-C port which also supports 15W fast charging. At present the company is offering only a single USB Type-C cable, it gets hard if you forgot to carry with yourself when you are heading out of your house. So, it’s better to keep another USB Type-C cable to keep in handy. You can use the braided one which lasts longer than the normal ones.

USB Type-C Earphones

The company is no longer been providing 3.5 mm audio jack with their newly launched M40 model. Now, they are offering basic USD Type-C earphones within the box. If you are not satisfied with this one, you can find some other options.

Wireless Earphones

Nowadays, it is very easy to find wireless earphones for your smartphone. The wireless earphone comes with a great design with the top-notch audio jack quality. The price depends upon the quality you choose and the brand you prefer.

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