Samsung Galaxy S10 Hand-Picked Premium Accessories

July 3, 2019 by 1 Comment

Are you planning to purchase the Samsung Galaxy S10? Well, go for it as the smartphone is loaded with many good features for which you must be looking forward to. What if your phone gets broken or damaged? Besides buying your phone you also need to look for its safety and for that you need to purchase some accessories to safeguard your phone to protect it against any kind of harm like a portable charger, screen protector, tempered glass, ear pods, etc.

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In this article, we have listed some of the best Samsung Galaxy S10 accessories to unlock the full potential of your phone. Look no further, these are one of the must-buy accessories for your smartphone which are trendy, stylish and affordable too.

Samsung Galaxy S10 Accessories have a look at it below

1) Samsung Galaxy S10 S-View Flip Case

Samsung Galaxy S10 is not a cheaper smartphone. This is why it becomes important to safeguard your phone against any kind of harm. To keep your phone safe and sound, you can purchase Samsung’s S- view flip cover to provide 360-degree protection to your phone. You don’t need to worry about the screen of your phone as it will be safe from getting any kind of scratches and bumps. This flip cover is quite convenient to use as you don’t even need to open it to interact with your phone. You can watch all your notifications and other information coming on your phone through the flap, and you can even swipe and look at them without exposing your phone’s display. So, it is one of the must-buy accessories for your Samsung S10 phone to protect it.

2) InvisibleShield Ultra Clear Screen Protector

You might have bought your new phone that comes with a pre-installed screen protector but it may not be the best one that protects your phone to the maximum. You need to buy InvisibleShield Ultra Clear Screen Protector to protect your phone. This screen cover is absolutely outstanding and affordable too. It will not only protect your phone from getting scratches or marks but also make your phone’s look amazing.

3) Energizer Ultimate 10000 Series Charger

You must be familiar with how it feels when your phone gets dead. So, it convenient to keep this charger with you all the time to make your phone always runs on the go whether you are on a trip or playing your favourite game. It is one of the latest and trending Samsung Galaxy S10 accessories which come with a decent size battery to charge your phone as and when required. This charger includes a 1,000 mAh battery and comes with a variety of quick charging USB ports along with it.

4) Samsung Fast Charge Wireless Charging Stand

Buy yourself a Samsung fast charge wireless charging stand and use whenever your phone’s battery goes low. You don’t need to carry any extra USB-C cable or wire to charge your phone. This accessory charges your phone very quickly as it has a 9 watts of wireless charging power which is about 1.8X more than your average wireless charging pad. It is a must buy phone accessories to charge your phone quickly when your phone’s battery drains off. This is not only a wireless charger but you can also use it as a stand to have a look at any notifications or call coming on your phone on the go.

5) Samsung EVO Plus Class 10 Micro SD

It is one of the best options to go with to expand the storage in your phone to make more space for your selfies and videos. Though the Samsung Galaxy itself has impressive storage of 128 GB, you will still need to buy this to create more space in your phone. Samsung’s own Evo Plus Class 10 microSD card will add extra 64GB and can handle transfer speeds up to 80MB/s. This is the best option for avid photographers and movie lovers.

So, these were some of the best accessories for your favourite Samsung Galaxy S10.  From portable charger to charger stand, we have covered it all. So, which one would you like to pick it for your phone to make it useful to the full potential?

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